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I'm curious about the pool story. It seems obvious that, if two children almost drowned in your pool, your risk management and mitigation strategies are deficient. Are you going to get rid of your pool, or are you going to implement more effective strategies? If the answer is the latter, then what makes your pool different from your guns, in terms of accessing the risk and dealing with it?
Actually this is directly applicable to the original post.

In the first case a three year old was in a floatie about a foot away from her mum.The mum was distracted for a minute and the floatie arbitrarily snapped and the kid slipped to the bottom.In the second case a 6 year old jumped in the pool a foot away from his dad and went straight down.

I am super paranoid about pool safety and on both occasions I noticed and the kid didn't drown but it was close. Basically in one case it was a mechanical issue and in the second case it was parental stupidity in not insuring his kid was wearing a vest. The issue is that a little screw up has such dire result. Really the same as motorcycling. A small error can cause death easily.There aren't many things you can say that about.

I still ride daily and will continue to do so but don't want to kid myself on the dangers involved.

In terms of the pool I bought a high quality fence to replace the crappy one and bought a very safe pool cover (same as good bike gear ) It mitigated some risk but wouldn't have prevented either incident.
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