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Originally Posted by Laughingdawg View Post
You could always take up competitive shooting. Plenty of that to do around here.

I have thought about that but I don't think my desire to do it is worth the price of ammo these days. I enjoy unleashing the fury of my 10/22 for $5 but I start seeing $$$ every time I pull the trigger of my .45. I have started reloading but it still ain't cheap.

I have been thinking a lot about jet ski fishing. Kind of the advrider of the fishing world. I do enjoy fishing and like my kayak but a jet ski would really give me some range and adventure but without quite as much hassle as a boat.

A local guy has really taken this to the next level and has even started a tour guide/rental business. Since I have never been on jetski I am thinking of going out with him once to see if I like it.

I really need to find something redeeming about living here. I am just miserable.

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