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Originally Posted by glasswave View Post
It is interesting to see how many people want to ignore objective data so they can compartmentalize their own little worlds. It makes one wonder what other areas of science they are prepared to dismiss in order to convince themselves that they are making the best decisions. One must also wonder about their feelings regarding history, considering they only want to go off their own anecdotal experiences.

Still others, will rationalize, I am not part of that statistical group (all motorbikers) because, I don't...[ride at night, drink and ride etc]. And why don't they engage in those behaviors? Because they know the statistics.

For me, statistical data is like any other objective information. It's nothing to be afraid of or hate or dismiss. I am happy to have it, because it allows me to assess the risks and act in ways to eliminate or minimize them. I am not saying that I don't combine this with my own experience and knowledge, just that I don't want to deny the data is relevant to me.

Why would people want to put their fingers in their ears and scream lalalalalala, when they could look at the data and use it to manage their risks. Yes, stats can be manipulated by someone to convince you of a false premise, but that's only if you don't understand statistics.

The irony behind that statement is delicious, thanks.

BTW, Lucifer, statistics show that you'd be better off avoiding multi-lane surface streets during rush hour, rather than interstates.
Your a bit of Troll arent you? Riders CAN control risks by not behaving in the manner of the riders most likely to be wiped out by a car.
Its a fact not a superstition that Motorbikes have always attracted thrill seekers and non conformists,some of them are 100% Darwin candidates and they show up in statistics.

For instance I rode to Alasaka and back on a BMW,the only exciting moment on the road was caused by an idiot who talked his way into going along with us. I kept safe distance from cars,didnt ride too fast,just kept moving along.

But there were MANY chances to put myself in harm's way,I just didnt take them. Those that do,end up in statistics.

As far as getting randomly wiped out by an oncoming car,that can happen in a convertible or any motor vehicle,the slaughter on the hiways continues despite the many layers of padding and straps put into a modern car.

Humans are healthier when they have some risk in their lives,there is 0 guarantee that any of us will be here tomorrow,despite what the ins companies sell you all your life long,you or I can be gone in an instant just walking along and WHAM! Your all gone.

Best enjoy it while you can.
Some bikes around at times
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