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So, I live in NH....near Laconia, so I see all types of riders, from weekend warriors to seasoned bikers to serious ADV riders. Most of this has been said i a few ways, but I (think) I have a new point. Bike Week in NH historically (though I think it has been changing) has brought out the group of bikers that drink way too much and often end up in a ditch bruised or dead.....alcohol is te cause. I also see a lot of sport bikers doing crazystupid stuff all the time. But I also see many people that either don't ride enough, or don't have the skill set to ride well. These people either need more time in the saddle, training, or both.

For me....I've been riding since I was 5 or 6 on minibikes and have owned almost every type of bike out there, I sometimes liken riding to woodworking. I know several carpenters (and I've done it myself) that have lost fingers because they were complacent....what they were doing became too routine. Sometimes I worry about that while riding, that a little fear might be good to keep us on our toes. Finally, and call me a panzy, but I've stopped riding at night for two reasons - large mammals on the road, and too many drunk people that seen to want to hit me, so daytime riding only for me.
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