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I've pretty much worked with the same resources planning my travels in the
philippines and come to mostly the same conclusions. None are really
complete or accurate, so it is best to use a combination of the available

Google is pretty much useless, requiring an active cell connection at all times
to download the map. Doesn't work in the middle of nowhere and can't be
cached on my Android or downloaded to my Garmin so Google is out. In the
city OSM is accurate enough, but all of the map products have some issues in
the provinces-- Either the road/trail does not exist at all on the map or it is
wildly inaccurate.

roadguide is good, and seems to have more paths marked in remote areas
than OSM does but comparing them side-by-side reveals that OSM beats
out roadguide in some areas and vice-versa. Really helps to use both when
planning a long trip.

On my android devices I like Oruxmaps, it seems to give the best mix of
features, and adding maps to it is fairly easy. Even the georeferenced
scans of paper topo maps were easy to add. OSMand seems a bit
restrictive and limited in what it can do with maps, so I am curious about
your comment that the map management is better than Orux...

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Reviving an old thread...

I've been fiddling around with various maps on a few different GPS devices, a GPSMap76CSx, a StreetPilot 2820, a Montana (all Garmin) and various Android apps like Google Maps, OsmAnd, Oruxmaps and Mapswithme.

For maps I've been using (both the downloadable demo map and PC-only full version for non-contributors which is Garmin / Basecamp compatible) , Google maps and now the various OSM (Open Street Maps) maps. All of these are basically free.

I've been using all of them as none of them are totally accurate or complete.

I did attempt to become a contributor to, but the submissions I made seemed to be ignored and then disappeared. However the full version of this this map seems to have the most information.

I'm still playing with OSM. Oruxmaps gives access to various OSM maps (I really like the cycling map as it combines road and topo data), but map management seems way behind OsmAnd.

Google is quite good in the city but a lot of inaccuracies out in the provinces, and caching or downloading of the entire Philippines isn't on the cards, unlike OsmAnd and

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