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So much for being ready.... short story and trip delay!

No idea how this happened, and it happened at the worst time ever. My truck died in the morning and now the bike too! And I was planning on leaving in 12 hours.. So here's the short story...

Trying to out run a storm all of a sudden a got a weird feeling. No skidding, but I pulled in the clutch and coasted to the side of the road. I look up at the lightning and then down. Oil spewed everywhere. Look underneath and the damn oil plug was missing. Now I've changed oil a million times, could I have not torqued it the right spec? Is there a washer that could've fallen off? Who knows.. and it doesn't really matter anymore.

It was really a blessing that it happened as it did because my father was less than an hour away with a trailer and had the next day off. My father came with the trailer and we loaded it up. This morning I went to the auto parts store and got a plug. Filled it back with oil and touched the starter. It seems to run fine. But I'm not really a mechanic? I again drained the oil and checked the filter. Definitely metal shavings hanging around it. Here is a photo.

 photo 20130628_080728_zpse9e05b69.jpg

I am really bummed because I looked forward greatly to this trip but I can't be mad as shit happens and I can reschedule because my work is good about that! After I realized I didn't really trust the motor to take me to Alaska, I fixed my truck after a couple hours of dinking with the electrical... and here I am at work debating my next move!

Will keep you posted, and it turns out Dan, the random guy that want's to go to Alaska on a motorcycle with me was planning on still going after not hearing from him the last few weeks... He's a teacher and says hes still in if/when I leave in a couple weeks!

To be continued!

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