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Originally Posted by alongat View Post
Maybe it's my imagination or perhaps disconnecting those wires are a form of a placebo but I swear that I could feel a difference last night - albeit only at times when I gave the bike a healthy dose of full throttle. This thing just makes me giggle all the time. I think my verdict is that disconnecting the two wires did make a difference on my bike. I know that others have reported mixed reviews but for me at least, my sh*t-eating grin was that much bigger :)

I also had a chance to test my newly installed 6000k HID kit in the main beam of my Euro headlight - yes, that too made a huge difference. I don't think I'll install an HID in the high beam, perhaps just one of those Piaa superwhite bulbs...

Hey Alon

I can see you can't stop smiling after dis-connecting the two wires. I will try to find the time to do it on my baby over the long weekend since I've been busy & got family coming from overseas.

Will look forward to the pictures. Enjoy your ride & have a great Canada day long weekend.

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