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Originally Posted by tshelver View Post
I had the Garmin maps and software on my Windows 6.1 HTC, I would guess one of the issues with moving that to Play, is the relative prices that Garmin asked versus the typical Android app.

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Part of the problem was that Garmin blew their Android load by trying to make a Garmin branded phone. It flopped, but Garmin is sadly still trying with android powered non-phone devices like the Monterra.

I am sure what is holding Garmin back from putting out a GOOD Android app is their rightful fear that phone's will make their hardware obsolete. That will happen. Convergence is a fact of life.

I use my phone (Droid Razr Maxx HD w/4.7" screen) as my GPS and it works great especially because I wear ear buds when I ride. I can listen to music which gets automatically muted when I am getting directions, etc. For the few little inconveniences of using your phone vs using a dedicated GPS unit I can't possibly see myself shelling out $600 to Garmin.

Besides that, Garmin's display of it's maps on the device is just awful. Zoom out once and all you see are a couple colored, unmarked veins. That's helpful, thanks Garmin. I just finished a 2,100 mile trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway and Tail with a friend who had the latest Zumo (350/360?), and trying to use his device to plan a route was useless. When we had a data connection we used Google Maps on my phone and OSMand when we didn't.

P.S. His device bricked at the end of the trip and is now enroute back to Garmin.

I have used a LOT of different apps and had a couple review threads going in the GPS forum, but they are probably a bit too outdated now.

Google maps and Google navigation are just awesome, but there is no easy way (that I know of) to import or use a custom route even though the desktop browser version of Google maps is one of the most awesome tools for creating custom routes. I hope like hell that Google soon adds that feature, and Garmin hopes like hell they don't.

Speaking of creating custom routes, works great.

There is an app called Wayfinder that will make Google Navigation follow a GPX track or route, but it's definitely not user-friendly and still requires a data connection for the navigation.

OSMand is a good all-arounder, but it has it's issues. The maps are decent, not great. It will also do turn-by-turn directions, even over an imported GPX route, but it can be buggy.

CoPilot is a really nice app and the ability to add waypoints and have your route take you through them is really nice. Plus you can drag your route kind of like Google maps so you can do some really nice route planning right from your phone or tablet. PLUS, when you download it you choose what maps you want cached on your phone. I chose all of North America. No data connection needed after that.

Navigon I hear is good, but they don't have a trial version (that I'm aware of) and I'm not shelling out $50 to find out if it sucks or not.

The ONLY feature I haven't been able to find is an app that will import a custom route that you have created off-line and give you rock solid, turn by turn directions through that route.

But, for me, my phone is the way to go.

AND even though I am not a fan of Garmin hardware I would give them $100 for a fully functioning Garmin Android app.

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