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Hi Jim,

Minor damage to the bike, and none to me. Had I not been 12-13% ahead on time at that point, I'd probably not have decided to do this again.

My comment on the GS was in reference only to the stock plastic fuel tank for this one very specific ride. It was my own inexperience at high-speed in the dirt that led me to believe my rear-mounted fuel cell would pose no problem, but in reality I was fighting a near-continuous front-end wobble almost the whole time in the dirt, and to a lesser extent on blacktop if I hit any irregularity in the pavement. Aside from that, I couldn't let the bike slide gently through corners in the dirt because the rear end was just too planted on the road.

And on the blacktop the bike was just far too rear-end heavy. I was using Hyperpro shocks adjusted to MAX preload and several times I felt both footpegs hit the road at the same time due to bottoming out. Again not the bike per-se, but the placement of the fuel I feel was a contributor to that.

So plan B is taking shape for 2014 or 2015....the next run will be with a single, front mounted fuel tank with 13-14 gallons. I'm going to have to pull some tricks out of my hat to make such a tank look at least somewhat stock and keep the bike ridable.

Thanks, Dan
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