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Originally Posted by rehto View Post
I just bought 2007(EUR) Adventure and was going to clean this jet but I'm missing one. Internet tells me that my gearbox should be really clunky and oil pressure low but I can find neutral rather easily when idling and my oil pressure light has never come on during drive. Also, I can stop my rear wheel with my shoe as I run it on stand, 1st gear, clutch engaged.

Has anyone come across any mod or reason why previous owner would have removed the jet altogether?

I'm worried about my oil pressure and will install #60 jet as soon as I receive one but it puzzles me why this machine seems to work just normally without the jet.
If you are finding Neutral easy enough I would think that your jet has no blockage.

Once these bikes have gone through some oil changes and the jet has been cleaned there is no where near the debris to clog your jet like it may have just coming from the factory.

Is it possible that you don't realize there is a cap screw you have to remove first to be able to access the jet.

I really can't see anyone wanting to remove this jet as it does aid in cooling your clutch.
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