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Hi K-Chil - I have no allergy to scooters LOL! I spent some of the most fun times of my life cruising the Islands of Greece on a scooter and actually ramped a scooter a couple times at a BMX track...

I like it when people do something themselves to solve a challenge and use their creative side, even if it comes out to be something you don't want, you tried and had some fun during the journey. I don't live to do the same thing every day.

You are welcome to stop by and moc something up, even just to try it out for size (which I think might be an issue). I can also give you some tips on designing and making something if you care to do that.

Just pm me and we can arrange a time.


Originally Posted by K-Chil View Post
I saw this fender in passing, some time ago and now I'm finalizing my Zuma 125 offroad conversion... found this thread in my searches and am so pleased to know you're in South Denver.

I'll be posting up a build thread (I mostly peruse Zumaforums regarding this)

Maybe when I'm ready to get that custom HID set-up going, front-fender [reduction] (bug-eye deleting/smoothing), etc, we can put our heads together for coming up with the bracket. I would love to do business with you. If all goes well, I'll be installing a chassis brace this weekend and actually hitting up some dirt this Sunday for the first time (with the Zuma).

If you don't have any allergies to scooters, this could work out.

If not, well, I'll understand.
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