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sorry no pic, or actual guy in the ground intell with field data.
Currently do not own a DS bike.

I'm looking at my options with the Mighty DR 3.4 gallon tank.
I have her range around 153-204 miles. This is fine for communiting, and with the stock seat, I'd be looking for reasons to stop.

I'll be east of the Mississippi and below the Mason-Dixon Line the vast majority of the time, so unlike the Outback of OZ, I do not need much fuel range.

I've looked at both the 4.9 IMS and the 5.3 A tank.
The ranges seem solid: 4.9: 220-294 miles, and 5.3: 238 miles- 318 miles.

When I go tour, I think I'll go with the 2 gallon Roto-pax and have her filled at all times. The stock tank would have me looking for gas stations more than the views.
I'd like to store the single unit lower than the seat, so I may have to go with two 1 gallon containers on the sides. This would of course keep the center of gravity lower. this would cut down on luggage capacity in the rear, but I could fit some storwage containers on the tank so as to break the wind during the winter, but take them off during the hot summer.

I also like the roto-pax because you can be the hero of the day for someone out of gas off the road. But, one must be careful of the ambush.
One could top off your tank and leave the roto-pax at the camp sight and not have the extra weight of the larger tanks. Granted, the IMS tanks are plastic, so they are most likely lighter than the stock tank. So maybe a negative.
I may have to go with the holigan plastic bottles for the nomad areas of the West and Alaska. This would be extermely rare and dangerous, and as soon as the milage has tricked off on say a litter (.25 gallson/12.5 miles) i'd take a stop and top off the tank.

I'm kind of disapointed in the larger fuel tanks. Seems like not all of the juice can be used, and a lot of extra work is involved for the cost, but the tank does expand. I guess, the stock tank is the same, except it does not expand.
Quick question. Can one purchase Roto-pax at Walmart or Sams, or other such stores?
Excellent topic.
I guess Pioneers had the same discussion about how much feed and water they would bring for their wagon team. Espically in the desert west of the Rockies.
I need to research hot spots in the lower 48 and Alaska that have have little gasoline stations. I was talking to a 1st generation KLR owner (in the Dalles, OR) and he reported that N.E. OR is kind of sparse.

Wish I could bring more to the thead.

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