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7 Day Summary.

2451 miles covered:

Track log:

Lessons learnt:
- It definitey costs more to ride two bikes to Esjberg than to take the ferry, if otherwise in a pair sharing a cabin.
- Hostels in Norway don't appear to offer shared dorm accommodation, but rather private rooms. Traveling solo here could be expensive.
- Norway is heavily farmed and well populated (so far). This makes finding wild camps less easy than we expected. Nearly all small roads lead to a home, not to access a field.
- Ferrys aren't cheap and appear to get more expensive the further north you go. NOK 46-75 one way for a motorbike. Expect 2 or 3 per day on coastal routes.
- One could easily have a month's good riding in the South alone. Don't just head to Nordkaap!
- It's late June now. We've had daylight at night since being in Norway, and it has made us run quite late into the evening before stopping. This has meant less sleep overall due to early starts.
- No problem finding fuel. A little more than in the UK.
- Progress is not as expediant as expected. A combination of the twisty roads, road works, waiting for ferries, and passing through cities has taken the edge off us. Expect ~500km in a full day if taking the twisties / coast / ferries.
- If there's an alternative road to a tunnel, take the alternative (but be prepared to understand why the tunnel is there!).
- Gravel. No big deal, expect it in roadworks, and just blat across it. I'm on conti trail attacks.
- Wet. I don't have any all-day wet riding gear. Apparently being here in the summer is no guarantee of good weather and you do need all-day wet kit.
- Road quality so far is great. Tarmac has grip in the wet, and corners are well sign posted. Repairs are good quality too.
- Pack a lunch if you can because road-side food is not abundant. No major fast food chains (not bad thing), not many cafes, though limited hotdog/burger options in petrol stations.
- Not much traffic on the roads. Caravans, coaches and agricultural vehicles mostly.
- Midgies and mossies. Have something to cover your head whilst you camp, and a tent that stops them getting in.
- Whilst travelling through the fjords I have not seen one Norwegian Blue.
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