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Originally Posted by Jimmy the Heater View Post
Amen to that!!!! Even saw that posted on a bike from a dealership (car dealership that got a bike on trade but a dealership none the less)

You would think they could grasp the concept of spending a couple hundred to get it sorted and then being able to ask quite a bit more.
A dealership has to PAY their employees to work on a bike, and could be that their mechanic doesn't know a damned thing about bikes. Or carbs. OTOH lots of guys here on ADV seem to value their time at zero. So if the dealership decides to give a try for letting it go cheap without investing the paid labor as well as the parts, I don't hold it against a car dealer to give it a try selling a bike that needs work "as-is".

Same as any other seller who doesn't do their own work for free. For them fixing up the bike isn't just the cost of parts, it's also the labor. But they might find a buyer who regards the cost as parts only. Or not. And if not, then it won't sell. And if it doesn't, it's not my problem, not a fuck is given.
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