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bad crash at 4 way stop?

I was out riding last weekend, and on the way home, came to a crash a bit after it happened, at Jackson road and Atson road in South Jersey.

Horse farms all around, a good line of sight in every direction, 4 way stop sign and flashing red lights.
Two big Harleys were laying in the intersection with stuff all over the road, the ambulance was there, there were cars off to the side, I did not see any dented cars. One other Harley was on the side of the road.

So what happened here?
Its a 4 way stop, with signs and flashing lights, and both bikes were in the middle of the intersection, not off like they would be if they lost it in a turn, it looked like two bikes ran into each other at the intersection.
And fast enough to smash thing up well.

I can not figure out what happened, but figure someone was being really stupid to be able to crash badly at a 4 way stop.

You need to watch the other bikes as much as the texting car drivers...

I found this, 4 people in the hospital...
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