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Since the tag was still unclaimed, I made the half-day detour to go back to Buckeye Furnace to rescue Nutzy.

But when I got there, I had no signal, so I had to work from memory. I found where I thought he was hiding, but after getting good and muddy searching, no Nutzy. I thought for sure I'd been bruced!

Fortunately, as I was walking back to the bike it occurred to me that the furnace might be symmetrical, so I trudged through more mud to the other side, and sure enough Nutzy was still there.

He wasn't too happy about his damp, rusty environment, so we quickly got him out of there and cleaned up a bit.

Back at the parking lot, Nutzy and Egg started catching up. The bugs were ferocious, so Egg and I wanted to get on the road. Funny, the bugs didn't seem to bother Nutzy at all. Maybe he was just used to them after days in the damp.

We got to our hotel for the night just before the skies opened up. I decided to brave the storm and walk down the street to the Brewery for dinner and a couple of beers. Nutzy announced he'd had enough of being wet, and would stay in the room. To my surprise, Egg decided to stay to keep Nutzy company. It seemed a little weird to me, but I was hungry so decided to just roll with it. Their scheme became clear when I got back to the room a couple hours later, to find them talking over an empty glass and all of my whiskey gone. Those bastards!

Today, we got back on the road after the storm had passed, and *tried* to stay away from the worst parts by zig-zaging through the SE OH roads. It was a horrible sacrifice to have to make! Sadly, we caught up with the weather on 255, so I cut across 6 points over to 536, then down to the river. Stopped for lunch just as the lightning started fast and close. A nearby transformer farm took a couple of hits while I was eating. After the storm passed, we got back on the road, and soon found ourselves passing a place every Tag-O-Rama player visits eventually.

When we got to the motel, the owners recommended a steakhouse down the road, so we hopped back on the bike for a quick dinner run. It didn't take long to get a table for three.

I ordered a beer, and suddenly Egg and Nutzy both got aggressively thirsty!

What little of the beer *I* got was good, so I ordered another, and a light dinner to go with it. These guys are like vultures!

TFB now, back on the road in the morning.
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