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Thanks RRR, SamTHG and StG

These three riders were strangers at the beginning but within a few hours became like Brothers in Battle.

The multiple reference to headlights working being important was directed at my KLR. My headlight was working intermittently. I think the guys were just jealous of my Supertanker Status. They took me along just so they could sip gas from my tank when I was on frequent nature calls.

RRR was also insistent on showing us some Flying Monkey Spot---he swears both 'Wizard of Oz' movies were filmed right at that spot. I did not believe him for a second, but was afraid that he would sulk and quit the ride if challenged. So we did a lot of oohs and ahhs when he was talking about 'Monkeys'. 'Flying Monkeys', Really!

He also showed us some small, really small streams, telling us that these were the source of The Mighty Colorado which is the 'source of water for all the Oceans on Earth'. He even told us he has named these little streams but the State of Utah is still insisting that he is somewhat inaccurate about his findings. His enthusiasm about his home town and state is admirable. Like 'The Monkeys' nobody challenged him.

Once I made the mistake of adding some Seafoam to the KLR's tank. The guys saw this even though I was being discreet. I will say no more on this topic.

I am glad there were plenty of zip ties, rolls of duct tape, wires, flashlights, etc otherwise I would still be somewhere in Zion or one of its tunnels that RRR insists he drew the architecture plans for.

Thanks for an experience of a lifetime.
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