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I really haven't abandoned this thread I was busy with the Hells Canyon Gathering and had to let this thread sit idle for a bit. Now to finish up with this 4 day adventure before telling you about Hells Canyon.

The spring run off has the rivers flowing hard.

Another cache stop and I find a pretty little water fall.

Stopped in Golden, ID to see what was there. This is what is there, thatís it Ė one building.

Looks like Elk City has everything needed.

A little rustic

Thereís gas available and thatís always a good thing

Looks like you can get a meal and wifi

I like that ATVs are legal to ride on roads in Idaho.

Elk City has more than one place to eat.

People live a simple lifestyle.

My plan was to ride over the mountain to Selway Rd. and drop down to OíHanna campground. I knew there was a chance that I would find snow but I got quite a ways before I started to see snow along the road.

Then I started finding snow on the road but only on half the road so all was good. This was at about 5000í and I thought I was at about the top of the mountain.

Of course that didnít last long and I started finding snow across the road but it was only short stretches.

When I came across a long stretch of snow at almost 6300í feet I decided it was time to turn around and go back rather than chancing it.

As I crossed about a half a dozen short stretches of snow up and back I kept thinking about this: I didnít want to find myself in that predicament. I try to learn from my friends.

Even though I didnít get where I wanted to go it was another nice ride. The views looked different on the way back than they did on the way in.

At the viewpoint I thought it would be a nice place to camp but at the elevation I knew it would be cold and wanted to get to a lower elevation before stopping for the night.

Back down I went and back to hwy 14. Earlier I had spotted a road that look like it would have camping available and I was headed for that. First I needed to stop and check this out.

As a great end to the day I found a nice campsite.

I wanted to go camping as I was missing it and I now I was getting to. There was a lot wood for a campfire and I was looking forward to a nice fire but I couldnít keep the fire going. All that wood was super wet. Oh well, I had a good dinner and left overs to put in my thermos for the next day.

I'll be back in the morning with more......
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