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Thanks for all the feedback and tips! I just got into Fairbanks recently and finally got wireless/cell access again. I am picking up the bike first thing tomorrow and I have already spoken to Jon and he is trying hard to help me out ( you are a rock star Jon! )

I'll probably need to do some initial diagnostic work on my own so will be using all of your input. I've never had this particular issue with an engine before so all your help is very welcome and appreciated.

Regarding the radiator cap. How do I diagnose if that is the issue? I picked up some bar head gasket sealer in case I need that, and more engine ice.

Having a place to work is helpful so dealing with Jon or Cycleworks is a great help. I'm new to adventure riding and I have to admit I'm impressed by the people thus far. You can be assured I'm trying to capitalize on all your experience and input!

Current plan is to pull the right tank and fill up the Coolant and see if it's bubbling. Might be worth a look before getting down to tightening up the head. Jon is not convinced it's the head gasket itself after I spoke to him about what happened so getting the right tank off and access to diagnose is a definite first step. This is a first for me so I am leaning on all your experience on this one. Should I expect water out the pipes and white smoke if the head gasket is leaking or not necessarily? I think the radiator test with it full and open should make it clear?

I'm sure the fan was running correctly, but I will check that and thermostat as well. I will flush the cooling system with water and run distilled so I can try sealing the leaking gasket if I need to. I don't have the time to replace head gaskets, so if it turns out its the head gasket then I will retorque and try sealing. Hopefully it's something else but the bit of dark residue on the radiator cap and the very quick loss of coolant makes me think that is what it is still.

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