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There is an area near the old Northridge Mall (Milwaukee area) where people have been riding dirt bikes and ATVs for many, many years. I think it is county land. From time to time the wardens get calls to go out there to check on people riding illegally. The site seems to have a well developed trail system from years of use.

The wardens got in touch with the ATV association to see what interest there might be in developing the area as an official riding area. Long story short is that the DNR and some others are looking at the area to see what might be done. This is in the very preliminary stages and might never come about, but wouldn't it be great to have some designated riding space in the Milwaukee area?

Looking at the aerial imagery for the site, you can see a nice oval track is in place. The trails that run close to the Menominee River would have to be closed to establish proper standoff distance to meet water regulations.

Something to think about.

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