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Saturday June 1, 2013

When the sun set the night before the dew was setting in and everything became damp within just a few minutes. I crawled into my nice warm sleeping bag and was lulled to sleep by the nearby creek. Mmmmmmm just a little slice of paradise until about 4:00 am when I woke up cold. I threw my coat over my feet and tried to go back to sleep. Finally about 6:00 I gave up and got up. I walked around for a bit trying to get the blood flowing and went back to my sleeping bag. Nope that didnít work and I was still cold. Everything was covered in thin layer of ice so it had gotten colder during the night than I thought it would. Yep, Iím a wimp when it comes to being cold.

As I was packing up camp a couple came down the road and stopped to make sure I was OK. The lady couldnít believe I was out there camping all alone. They had been out driving in the mountains so she pulled out their Benchmark atlas and showed me where they had been stopped by snow. I wasnít the only one pushing the season. They too were having a good time even though they were turned back by the snow.

Back on the road following the river was an enjoyable ride even if I was still cold.

When I got to Kooskia, ID I wanted to find a cafť and have breakfast and a hot cup of coffee. I decided to take care of business first and get gas before partaking in the luxury of a hot meal in a warm building. I wanted to check my gas mileage so I snapped photos of how much gas and how many miles.

Not bad gas mileage. Time to go find that hot meal and warm building.

I parked behind a pickup parked in the biker parking area.

A man and woman came out of the bar and the man asked me how many ccs my bike had. I told him and he sort of snorted and said something like ďI guess it gets you where you want to goĒ. It was clear he did not approve. They walked to a beat up old car with a Harley sticker in the back window an drove away.

Gotta love people that think they are bikers.

I found a cafť, some hot coffee and great conversation. As I was finishing breakfast the last of the customers left, the breakfast rush was over and the lunch rush had not started yet. One of the waitresses walked over and struck up a conversation as I was putting on my jacket. She explained she used to ride trials in PA before she moved to the NW. Now she rides horses and ATVs. As we were talking I discovered she has worked during hunting season with an outfitter taking "city slickers" hunting, packing in by horseback and mules. She told me a few funny stories. She was a very interesting gal maybe in her 60s and I would have liked to talk with her more but she needed to get back to work and I needed to move down the road. She had weathered, wrinkled skin of a person who worked hard out in the sun and she was a beautiful person. She gave me a god bless and squeezed my hand as I was leaving. I liked that, it was a genuine gesture.

I donít know what the critter on top of that building is supposed to be.

With a full tank of gas and full tummy I headed out to see Selway Falls and took my time enjoying the views as I followed the river.

Taking time to enjoy the flowers along the way.

Decided to take a walk.

Couldnít resist getting a shot of the Superbug on the bridge.

Thereís a lot of water coming off the mountains.

The horses and mules that take the Forest Service workers up into the mountains.

Looks like there are going to be a lot of thimble berries in the area this year.

Another bridge shot just because I like bridges.

When I saw this sign it gave me an idea of how close I was to getting where I wanted to be the day before. I made it a few miles beyond the Indian Hill Lookout turn off. The lookout was only two miles from the road I was on but the road to the lookout was very muddy and rutted so I decided not to go up it.

At the end of the bridge I was looking for another cache I didnít find but I found some flowers.

Honeysuckles remind me of being a child exploring the forest behind our home. Finding honeysuckles was always a treat.

Last fall I attended the Wild_and_Scenic_Sober_Gathering and met some wonderful people. It was fire season in the beautiful Northwest and the smoke was heavy in the air. I wanted to see the how different the falls look in the spring time from the fall and be in the area without all the smoke.

Selway falls looks more like rapids than falls but itís a powerful place at any rate.

At some point in recent history the water was high enough to place a log on top of this rock.

Thatís a fish tunnel over there.

After enjoying the falls I made my way back to hwy 12 to look for a few caches and see what else I could find.

I stopped here which is a place I have ridden by a number of times but this is the first time Iíve stopped.

Went for a little walk to check this out.

Spring flowers blooming everywhere.

A ladybug enjoying the flowers along the way.

A nice big load of wood going down the road.

Stopped for a cache at a rest area and even found it. This is one big culvert.

Another flower that reminds me of my childhood and how their sweet smell would drift through the air as I walked to school.

With being as I cold as I was the night before I decided to head back to the Konkolville for the night. I liked the motel, the rates were reasonable and I didnít want to be cold again. It was nice knowing where I was going to spend the night and I went and got checked in.

After checking in I headed back to town for dinner deciding to splurge rather than to eat in my room. But before I went to dinner I took a short ride to check out a road I saw on the map. It started out being a nice road but then it changed to freshly laid deep gravel. I didnít feel like playing in squiggle gravel to go exploring so I turned around and found dinner.

It might not be gourmet or have the latest fad foods but the food was good and excellent service with a smile.

On my way back to the motel I stopped at a park to look for another cache. I didnít find it but I found this:

Back at the motel I took a hot shower, which felt so good. I think it was the only time I was warm all day. The weather wasnít cold once the sun came up but after the cold early morning I just couldnít seem to get warm.

All in all it was a good day, even though I was cold I enjoyed being able to camp one day, the ride along the rivers was beautiful and the people I encountered along the way were wonderful.
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