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My bike started smoking on startup randomly at about 30,000 miles. We just recently tore down the top end and found that one of the valve seals had failed. The valve guide was fine, but the seal was bad. That allowed oil to drip into the rear cylinder if the rear exhaust valves were open when the bike stopped. If this bike smoked from one cylinder on startup and not both, then this is a possible culprit. The bike can be ridden like that, but it is annoying to get a big puff of smoke on startup randomly.

I don't know what "uncocked" means. If the bike was rejetted, then the owner probably removed the charcoal canister and SAS systems. Many owners rejet the carbed bikes using large idle and main jets. In my view, that's a mistake. My bike came with that jetting, and I spent a lot of time trying to make the bike run correctly. My jetting is just about stock now, and the bike runs very, very well. On the dyno it puts out 85 bhp at the rear wheel, and that's enough for me.
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