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Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
What, no loud pipes didn't save them jokes? Does a loud pipe save you from someone else with a loud pipe? (Yeah yeah not all Harleys have loud pipes.)

Since we're all just speculating here, my guess is that all three Hardleys (including the one parked on the side) were all riding together. First guy slows and then goes through, third guy thinks they are doing it road captain style so he's just going to ride through without stopping and accelerates to catch up with the first guy, just as the second guy follows rules of the road and stops.

Third guy then rear ends second guy since he knows not to use the front brake. Of course if both bikes were smashed in the front, that shoots this theory all to hell.


Two HD's were riding one direction, and the third was approaching the intersection perpindicularly. First HD in the group of two stops, then goes, and the second one does NOT stop trying to follow the first one through, and crashes into the third guy who thought it was safe to proceed.
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