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Originally Posted by glasswave View Post
No, I am not a troll. I was just pointing out that calling statistics useless lies, pretending they don't exist or rationalizing that they don't apply to oneself is rather callow.

I never stated that riders cannot manage (I don't think control is a good word here) the risks associated with motorcycling and behave in ways that lessen them. In fact, I state quite the opposite. "I am happy to have [statistical information], because it allows me to assess the risks and act in ways to eliminate or minimize them." Also, in my first post I actually enumerate several risk reduction strategies.

It seems as if you did not even read my post completely before replying to it.

Again, I never indicated that it was mere superstition that motos attract thrill seekers. OTH, to imply that only the foolish end up in serious accidents and thus become part of accident statistics is simply naive. Any review of face plant, motorcycle accident reporting or making a serious investigation into the stats will reveal that it is quite common for experienced, well trained motorcyclists to be seriously injured of killed in accidents that involve no fault of their own.

While it's good to hear that you ride carefully, your anecdotal story has nothing to do with what is plainly evident in the statistics and your insinuation that because you ride carefully, only others risk serious accident is pretending to be oblivious of the facts.

This is very true, although I hope you are not implying that I am not the one who stated that I bought a convertible to reduce my exposure to the risks of motorcycling, I am not. That said, any review of accident injury stats will reveal that the likelihood of serious injury or death in and accident is much lower for seat belted drivers in modern cars than it is for motorbikers.

And 'how do you know this?', probably because you read it in an article quoting a statistical study.

I engage in many "risky" activities (whitewater kayaking, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, motorbiking in developing countries...etc.), but I certainly don't ignore the risks of such activities or pretend that the risks/statistics don't apply to me. To do so would be simply ignorant.

To be purposely nescient does nothing to improve the quality of one's life.
Actually you are a troll, and nobody wants to read your entire posts. You should take a course in efficient writing and learn how to curb your arrogance...
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