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Originally Posted by swimmer View Post
One fix is simply squirting the stepper motor plunger thing with some lubricant and perhaps cycling the stepper a few times. It would be of interest to most (I think) if you tried this simple fix first so that others would know if they could fix this issue simply in the field.

There was also an issue with the first map program that came on early bikes that created a stalling issue. Is your bike a 2011 that was not updated? You should rule that out first.
Mine did it on day two of a very dusty dual sport ride. I just sprayed WD40 into the general area of the stepper motor and the problem was gone for the remainder of the still very dusty four day ride. Knew I'd need a new air filter when I got home so when I had the tank off to replace the filter I cleaned up the stepper motor armature with brake cleaner and applied some dry silicone lube and haven't thought about since.

Will service it next time I'm in there for the filter, next year. Yes I have a UNI pre-filter installed.
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