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Originally Posted by keener View Post
I have a 04 Adv so the frame is a bit different than bigher models very subtly.
Blackdog relocator plate lasted tbree years. I had cut a bit of it work with my frame. To their credit, manual said shave of the frame which I didnt like.

Anyway, after repeated hits on side stand on rocks, I noticed it cracked. But it did what it was supposed to do well. My engine case would have been cracked with out it for sure.

Im going to make a new one myself on my CNC machine currently colecting dust the garage. Let me k ow if you have any suggestions to make it stronger.

I believe yours cracked because of a stress fracture on the outside edge. What you most likely had was a microscopic fracture, which is a starting point for a much larger crack.
Think of it like this. Take a sheet of paper and try to tear it apart, without twisting it. Now try another piece with a small tear(fracture) in it, much easier to tear with that small tear or fracture in it
So what to do? Remove all suface imperfections and sharp edges by hand sanding and rounding all edges around the entire part, including the bolt holes with sandpaper.
I think eliminating these stress risers will cure your problem.
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