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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
Every time you throw a leg over a motorcycle you risk a chance of ending up dead. Of course the same is true of stepping into the shower.

I've crashed at over 130 MPH on the track and walked away with a couple bruises. I was in a wreck on the street sitting still and ended up in the hospital for 2 months with a broken back. Shit happens and we don't get to control everything that happens to us.
Originally Posted by JBSmith View Post
Years riding: 45
Crashes on the track: 4
Crashes on the street: 0

I'll take my chances on the street, thanks.
I'm not advocating a risk-free lifestyle. As I told a family member, I could take it to the other extreme and stay home in bed with the curtains drawn all day... and then die of bed sores. You just have to manage your risks, but you'll never eliminate it. The are simply more variables on the street and therefore there is less margin for error, at least where I live.

BTW, Albie, you must be psychic. I almost had a bad fall last night getting out of the shower. Foot hit the floor and went skating. No points for style, I'm afraid.

Forgot to add, JB, that a friend of mine low-sided at about 40 mph without hitting anything. I'm sure his gear was not as good as yours was, but when I read through your catalog of injuries, it was almost identical to his. But he's back in the saddle now.
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