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Originally Posted by Infidel View Post
My 2nd sensor went out this weekend- that's 2 in less than 10k miles. My 09 GSA is out of warranty so I'm going to see if they'll replace the strip since it's due for maintenance. The strip was replaced last year, so I hope it's covered under the 24 month replacement warranty- but I'm sure I'll get some moaning from the dealer.

I may try the lighter thing first. Are there sensors on both sides or is it just one? Anyone got a pin-out? I've never had a reason to look at the sensor connections before.

Out of warranty by 1 week. Iron Horse BMW wants close to $300 to replace it. So, I made my tool for about $8...

I KNOW that the physics behind this trick will not cause the bike to explode, but some how the thought of running a piezoelectric spark though 5 or 6 gallons of gas just didn't sit well in my brain. I began envisioning my tombstone:

"Here Lies Infidel.
A Stupid Fucker.
Successfully exploited over 800 IEDs in Afghanistan
Only to come home and attempt to run a spark thorough his gas tank

So I decided to extend the wire a few feet...

Clicked it 3 - 4 times and WHA-LA!!!! Success

Thanks for the nugget!
I got nothin'....
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