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CloneBoy: That's a good price for the Adventure. At the prices I was finding, the extras on the Adv was not worth the price difference. But comparing my price of the base to the offer you're getting (less than $800 diff), I think I would've gone with the Adv. I did prefer the idea of choosing my own add-ons though.

TT100: CCM was not too flexible on the price but I may not be the best negotiator either. I got it slightly less that the list price you posted. I think it all just depends on what your finding at the exact time you're ready to buy and where you're willing to go to get it. I was getting anxious to buy my first bike. Every sunny day that went by without my butt on a bike was just making me more anxious. I have gear to buy, places to go! I am not exactly patient when it comes to waiting for the best deal.

I could've gotten a new 2012 white down in Hamilton for a few hundred less but I really didn't care for the dealer and the thought of a bike fresh out of the crate vs. one sitting on the floor for who-knows-how-long won me over. Also, buying a used Wee was really not appealing to me or necessary.

Now, there is a dealer down in North Carolina that is selling brand new 2013s on ebay for pretty good prices. However, after considering the cost of getting it back home, the price difference will likely be insignificant.
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