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Originally Posted by Aussijussi View Post
Op was writing about someone crashing 1000 times, that's just ridiculous, you'd have to drop the bike near every time he goes riding,
That's in the dirt, mate. Used to ride dirt 3 or even 4 days per week. Easy to get up to 1,000 if you ride challenging terrain.

Interesting comparison here. I came up with that estimate after taking a very experienced long distance road rider, who wanted to learn dirt, on a first ride in the woods (that rider had just bought a used a DR-350 for the purpose). That new dirt rider had NEVER been down on pavement, but fell 6 times in six miles of easy dirt and by the 6th time had became too exhausted to pick up the bike.

Dirt is a different world from road. And that's why there is a pretty big aftermarket for plastic body parts for more common dirt and dualsport bikes. They do get pretty scuffed up pretty quickly.
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