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Originally Posted by pengvisor View Post
Great, thanks for the info. I see that you got DRZ and KLX, cool. Since I want to be all over the place it will be a bit of pavement ride between the dirt. First time in Hawaii so I have no idea how much you can avoid paved roads and move around.
As hiADV said, there is lot's of pavement between trails but the cool thing is if you plan ahead you can connect full dirt stuff with really cool and scenic backroads or jeep tracks. Gasser is a master of this skill on the eastern/southern side of the big island from Waimea around to Manuka. Google Earth is useful for planning purposes, one thing to be on the lookout for on the scenic routes is wet wooden bridges, you can be down on you knees in a jiffy if you're not careful.

What kind of bicycle? There's some great MTB riding here too!
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