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Never fear Auguzt! The Germans have arrived! They love to win so this should translate into development dollars.

Obviously you can never count on anything. BMW has been upfront but is still without a WSBK championship. Tardozi had a fall out with the teutonic bosses which I think put them a step back when he left.

Fingers crossed the Audi boys use their development experience and carry it over with tons of cash to make Ducati a regular on the podium. This will obviously take a few years to sort things out with who can work with whom.

Bottom line... the more competitive bikes the more entertainment for us!

Now... if another Casey Stoner type superman can be found that could expedite things significantly. The best was watching him his first year on the third rate Honda riding the wheels off it until... they literally put him into the gravel trap. The Camera shot of the riders coming on to the straight starting with a bike cartwheeling across the gravel trap and a rider sliding through is unforgettable. He put his neck on the line to be noticed... and he was. Then he proved to Ducati he was a great investment. Loved it!

We'll see what happens but until then Yamaha and Honda have luckily put some great riders on the bikes to entertain us.
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