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Bad News

So... Things are not looking good at all.

First, huge thanks to Jon at Frozen Motor Works. He was already booked up for today but he really tried to help me out and went above and beyond. Rock solid guy.

I went to pick up my bike this morning, I found out that one of my touratech bags had been bashed on the front and the rear, and the touratech 'locked' console had been pried open instead of using the key on the key ring. Not happy at all about that. I had told them it didn't't have enough coolant in there and the oil was contaminated but tech made notes that he ran it for an hour and the oil was good but the low oil pressure light was on and it was making an awful racket and that it needs a top end rebuild because the piston slap he was hearing.

Now, I told the it has brand new pistons and rings, cam chains, tensioners etc and what had happened but that was all ignored and a diagnostic was made based on listening to it run for an hour with no oil pressure. They had topped up coolant with glycol based coolant instead of the engine ice I use and had mentioned, and it gummed up all the oil so there was no pressure. He ran it for an hour and overcooked my engine. Then they wanted to keep it for several weeks and do a total rebuild which I already had said was not possible as I have to head home to Vancouver and go back to work shortly.

Anyways, I went to do my own diagnostic. Checked that there was oil and topped up the rad with distilled water to check for bubbles. Start it, and it was blowing out terrible smoke and stench right away. Never did that while it was in my care, it was bad and very noisy. Killed it right away and drained the oil. Yup! Mayonnaise! That's when I knew what they had really done and that they ran it for an hour, I no longer know how bad the damage is and I am pretty sure they did abuse of my engine as well. It took about 45 minutes for all the sludge to drain out it was so bad (of course there is a lot left and needs to be flushed) I was running out of time. Getting frustrated with bad workmanship, my brand new touratech bag getting smashed as well as the accessory racks (front and back of pannier was smashed). I got the $100 diagnostic fee back for my troubles. I hope I don't find they fried my brand new top end too with that diagnostic session.

I don't have enough supplies to flush everything properly, or really the time as I only have one more day so I don't see doing it myself in that timespan. Clearly I'm not as fast as you folk. I'm new to adventure bikes and came from street bikes so don't feel up to the task on my own in such short time, and I don't want to mess up my in-laws vacation as well. So I think it will have to be trucked back, and I'll have to miss the main riding I did this trip for. Oh we'll...

So... For when I get back and pull this thing out. Would a head gasket allow that much coolant into the oil? Or is it too pressurized from the combustion chamber and would just blow it out the overflow? Water pump? That much? On a new shaft and gasket? Granted, the condition I got my bike back was far worse than what I gave it to them in so who knows how bad it as abused by them. I could be not that bad and they just let it overheat for an hour and made things really bad.

Suggestions? I tried not to rant too much but I'm pretty exhaust at this point and pretty upset at the shop. (NOT Jon and Frozen Motor Works! He was awesome and tried no set me up with what I needed to take care of this. The big store that initially worked on my bike is who I'm upset with)

The for a few drinks to cool off, then I'll see if I feel like trying anything further or if I am risking too much after what has been done to my bike. Any thoughts?

PS (Jon, I will get in touch. I tucked something away for you. Thanks for all your help. I Wally didn't want to interfere with your existing plans, and it was extremely nice of you to do what you did for me.)

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