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Originally Posted by mcmann View Post
No issues so far . . . No different than running a fork brace. It provides additional support for the lower fork guards . . . Which my brake lines are mounted to:

I have not ran into the real sticky mud yet . . .
OK thanks...I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. In case others are debating the same thing, I'll post some pictures here; It's an expensive piece of plastic to take a dremel to so maybe this will help some people decide.

So for me the reason for doing this is just the mud issue: the very first part of this video clip shows my front wheel locking up in some not too deep but sticky mud. Rest of the vid doesn't really relate, but it does show where we ride, so you can see there is lots of mud.

Now, I don't really like the look of the high fender on this bike, but it's a necessity. Also I like keeping body work stock, or at least looking like it came from the factory, if you know what I mean. So with the fork guards not fitting quite right, no lockdown clip on the left guard, things like that made me think about the hybrid. The main problem I've had with the hybrid is the cut off low fender doesn't look quite right, at least not with the high fender I chose, which is smaller than most people use. The high/low set up looks great on the Supermoto, and so I wanted to get that look. After trying many things on Photoshop, I think I hit on a good way to cut it. By leaving a very small forward lip on the fender, cut at the same angle as the high fender, it seems to give it a designed-this-way look.

This trim will cut about half the mud packing area, and next I'm going to trim that back (as I've seen others do) to reduce this further. Then the plan is to actually cut slots in the part of the low fender that is left, to allow any mud that does get in there to exit.

It probably makes more sense to take it off altogether, but I like the fact that I can keep the brake lines and fork guards stock, all you have to buy is the fender, and I do like the way it looks. I'll post more shots as I trim more away.

And thanks for the info ABuck99; I agree the Munn site seems the most complete. And I'll probably eventually do the proper high fender anyway in the long run. I've got two low fenders - the one I'm cutting up is my busted one.
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