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that night was the first attempt at stealth camping. Technically I was on private land so I was a little nervous, but when I rolled in there was a group with a subaru who also pitched a tent which eased my mind a bit. Riding along the banks of the creek was nerve wracking. Loose marble sized rocks and some really choppy terrain led to the closest flat area where I could erect (hehe) my tent, and I had a few nervous moments. The duke is very top heavy with the improvised luggage, so once it starts to tip it is hard to stop. More on this later.

I managed to avoid mishap, and probably today this has been the roughest offroad I've done on the duke as in places I was hanging up the belly pan.

It got dark quick so I skipped the camp fire, scarfed down a couple of granola bars, and went straight to bed. A couple hours after dark, I hear a pickup truck coming up the creek bank. Hoping its not the owners, I peer out of my tent for a look. A beat up truck stops 20 feet from my bike. I'm thinking wtf do these guys want? I start reaching for my flashlight and bear spray. All of a sudden, buddy lights up a joint and his friend cranks up the subs, booming some crappy music. Fantastic. They sit there for another half hour getting high and listening to shitty music. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with weed, but why you would want to pull up to a motorcycle and a tent in the middle of nowhere and spark one up, I can't quite comprehend. Especially when they could have drove a few hundred yards down the road instead of waking up someone sleeping in their tent. I briefly considered going outside and telling them to get lost, but decided not to start any trouble, as I am in the middle of nowhere and there are at least 2 of them and one of me. Fortunately they finished their business and drove off shortly afterwards. So there was the drama laden first stealth camp experience. Sadly this was the first but not the last time stealth camping bit me in the ass...

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