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I made the comment on their site about the contrived drama. I was "set straight" that it was "all real" and these were "real people with average riding experience" "pushed outside their comfort zones".
Okay, the tires... WTF were they thinking? I live in the desert of WA state. Everybody who rides the dunes uses either knobs or paddles or some mixture of the above (unless youre a noob who has no clue).
I'm no Neale Bayly. I don't pop wheelies, or jump buses or any crazy sh!t. I ride a Super Ten and a Vstrom. I generally stick to dirt/gravel roads when I'm out and about. At 50 I'm just now considering getting something a little more dirt worthy like a DRZ or WR250. (started out on a 250 Enduro at 16. Then other responsibilities took me away)
Now that you know a little about me, here's my opine about the show:

They describe the Doctor as somebody who shuns giving up, plays boys games with the boys, races sport bikes on track days, etc. BTW she kept falling over because she was using too much front brake (or at least that's what it looked like during training).
They portray The businessman as somebody who rode dirt bikes as a kid and now rides cruisers fairly regularly. He has a sensitive stomach. Im guessing the beginnings of an ulcer due to his OCD.
The Preacher grew up in Bahamas.. we are constantly reminded of that. Sounds like he has some riding experience. But he has a catchy nickname.. the "Whiskey Priest", yet he bears no resemblance to Graham Greene's "Whisky Priest".
So I would think these people had some sort of MSF class maybe? at least a general idea about riding in aggressive traffic. Nope... they look like complete idiots.
To me this at first glance is nothing more than actors who aren't actors acting in a show. Just like any "reality show". It isn't reality, its contrived BS. I truly appreciate Neale's work, I really do. I think its great that he searches for a higher purpose than just riding around the world.
We all have our own reasons for riding. Mine are purely selfish
After watching the first episode I gave it a second chance. It still sucked. I mean really... freaking out about wind, rain, hail, freezing eyelashes, crazy drivers? WTF? The BEST part was when Neale gave the guy (and his dead Alpaca) a ride into town. THAT is what ADVriding is about.

There was ZERO real character development. There was ZERO development of Neale's relationship to the orphanage. There was ZERO development of what the orphanage is all about. Of course there was a LOT of sponsor coverage and pointers about how to buy NBR garb (" a PORTION of the proceeds" benefit Neale's foundation).
While I like the premise of the show...I hate the show. Neale seems like a straight up guy constrained by media lunk heads who want to sell BMWs or whomever else bought ad space on SPEED channel. To me it was nothing more than corporate douchebags telling me I need to "feed my restless" and Neale and his foundation (and the orphanage) get a small cut of the proceeds.
I'm very disappointed.
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