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Originally Posted by SCflyer View Post

Like this? But Baja probly still the better bet at the moment since Craig is moving...

Good luck with the continuing mods.
Yep, that's the light alright, but I don't have high cross over crash or crash guards at all, lol! I will probably just be ordering the light itself with some wiring goodies (switch etc) and make some brackets to mount on the main head piece behind the headlight. I should be able to make some brackets from 2mm aluminum plate that use the same bolt locations as the stock KTM LED spots. Maybe. If not, there's plenty of room there if a guy gets creative, :) The 10" LED's are just a bit too wide for me I think, the 8" looks perfect!

THIS is what I'm after... :) (Just the 8" though, not the other two squadrons.)

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