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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Waking up warm and comfy Sunday morning I felt good about my choice of returning to the motel and it was confirmed with breakfast. As I was leaving I decided to ride up the road a bit north before heading for home. I found this old school or church.

Behind it was this old truck and a train trestle.

I wish I knew the history of this building, I bet there are stories that go along with it and the Konkolville motel and lumber mill.

As I started for home I was thinking it would be nice to get home early and get some things done. Those thoughts only lasted until I spotted the sign for the Dworshak Dam. I hadn't been there so it was a good time to check it out. I was surprised at how huge it is.

Itís amazing how large something like that really looks when you are right there. No matter how many photos Iíve seen of it, including mine, they donít come close to conveying just how big it really looks.

After looking at the dam I headed back to go home but once again I was side tracked, this time by a fish hatchery.

Just follow the orange fishies.

A sculpture on the way.

In the visitors center there was information about the sculpture.

Big coffee pots so the fish are wide awake?

The pretend fish were kind of cool.

Dang they run a lot of fish through here.

A fun fish wheel to play with

After a little education it was time to go back outside and see what I could find there. Empty troughs?

Taking time to enjoy the flowers.

"The Syringa (Philadelphus lewisii) was designated the official state flower of Idaho in 1931. Syringa is a woody shrub growing to nine feet tall with with clusters of white, fragrant flowers".

"Native American Indians found many uses for the syringa - the wood was used for root digging sticks and to make pipe stems, harpoon shafts, bows, arrows, and snowshoes. The bark and leaves were used to make a soap".

I was promised big fish

So I kept following the orange fish

No one home

Found the fish ladders but there were no fish there either

OK Iíll keep off the walls, I wouldnít want to fall in that deep water.

Finally I found troughs with water in them but no fish in the water. Clearly I was here at the wrong time to check out fish.

Stopped for a post office picture for MotortimerSickles Post Office thread.

More to come as I make my way home. . . . .
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