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Well I've had a slight issue with my BMW GX. Basically, long story short I ordered some switchgear from Highwaydirtbikes. Sadly I'm living in Cambodia and they went missing in the post to which they very decently refunded my money but cut off contact. I can hardly blame them for not wanting to deal with me again but it's a problem. It's a problem because I own several other bikes and have had to scavenge the switchgear. I have used a chinese kill-switch. Wow, just wow. It's wired backwards and the switches fell out in one day. So I got to to thinking and my dad is a retired engineer and he's building me a whole new set of switches. Let me give a rough description. On the left you have a maximum of 50mm width and on the right, about 30mm if you removed both pods. So we've come up with 25mm pods, I'll use two on one side and one on the other. Straight off, I'm changing the way my indicators work. I prefer the BMW push button so I'm using a hybrid of that and the Harley Davidson method, ie, click left to go left and push the same button again to cancel. Each pod has two switches, I'm sourcing a hazardproof IP67 switch, water and dustproof and I'm adding a custom top clamp for the remaining functions. So, my dad is planning to offer these for sale if they work out well enough. They'll fit any bikes with a 22mm bar, be turned by hand from solid billet aluminum and fitted with either push to make or latching switches in black, red or blue. They can be used to add switches or replace the horrible standard gear with something pretty. The clamps will have space for 3 more of the same type of switch, ideal for adding spotlights or interrupters. Here are some preliminary drawings, the prototypes should be fitted in about 4 weeks.
Cheers. PM me if you're interested.

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