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Personally, I don't get why some people have an aversion to riding at night. Not that I've researched it but are there any (damned) statistics that show riding at night as being riskier?

I think riding at night is awesome and really enjoy it.

MY opinions on the risks of riding at night:

1) Deer and other critters seem to be more likely to be willing to commit vehicular suicide at night. This is the thing I worry about most riding at night.

2) Other vehicles. I think, if you have decent headlight/aux lighting, that it's less likely to get SMIDSY'd by a cager. That said, it is probably more likely that other road users may have some alcohol in their bloodstream.

3) Have good lighting and don't outride it. I try to get as much light as I can as far and wide down the road as possible to mitigate risk. (Without blinding oncoming road users or the mirrors of the guy in front of you.)
I gave up night riding several years ago, and frankly would like to give up night driving which I find discomfiting. On the bike, I found it much harder to maintain my intended line, to tell whether the change of pavement ahead was a patch or a pothole. Old vision (I'm now 66) is not as good as younger vision - even corrected by good glasses. And, depending on where you ride, there is also the possibility of more deer or drunks.

Certainly not telling anyone they shouldn't ride at night - but observe how you feel. When the danger vs pleasure quotient tilted the wrong way, I quit that part of riding.
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