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Hi AlbaLife
I assume you're not from the USA either?

The bike was bought through a friend I have here. That is the only thing that you really do need. You have to have an address in the US to garage the bike.
The rest can be got quite easily. Vehicle insurance was through they specialise in insurance for foreigners. Medical was through a company called holidaysafe (I think), they have a motorcycle specific policy that would insure me while riding a bike over 125cc.

Title and registration were easy. I put my home address on the title and the garaging address on the registration. They didn't ask me any questions at the DMV, just gave me the plate. This was in Virginia by the way. It could be different in another state?
Take proof of those addresses though.
Cheers, Scotland is my part of the world .

This is a trip that will happen but the time line is

Enjoy the rest of your time in the US
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