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Pictures and any specs would be greatly appreciated - thank you.

Originally Posted by smitty141 View Post
I run Leo's with my Jesse's. I did have to space them out a bit. I would be happy to take a few pic's and give you the lengths I used. It would be later in the day, getting ready to head out the door. I had the Leo's on my 08 990 and had to do the same thing.

I had forgot about this problem when I bought the Leo's for my new 2012 990. I did call Leo and Al Jesse about this issue. Both told me there products are fitted to stock bikes with stock equipment. I asked why not put a fitment note about this issue. But I guess that makes way to much sense.

I bought a piece of aluminum round stock off Ebay for $10. shipped and made my own spacers. I really like the Jesse's, and feel there is not a better side case out there. That said I really like the Leo's. They are priced right and build quality is very good.

I do have a machine shop at work, and used a lathe to make the spacers and painted them black. You would never notice the difference. I also removed the passenger pegs. I never ride two up and used spacers there with longer bolts.

Let me know if you want pic's and spacer size.

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