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What sprocket sizes are stock on 990R

So I can tell by the part number that my bike came with a 16tooth front sprocket but when I look at the rear, I can't tell though I think I can almost see a "42" or"43" stamped on it. I've recently gone with the 19/17 wheel setup on my 2012 990 adventure R and obviously the geari g ratio has changed. Wile I appreciate the new found acceleration and wheeliness, I don't want to be spinning that high on highway crushing / longer runs and I was happy with the original gear ratio. To get it back to stock, I need to either reduce the rear sprocket tooth count by three or add one tooth up front but when I look at the front area, I'm not convinced that there is actually enough room for a 17 tooth sprocket given the chain,s current proximity to the slave cylinder, etc. can anyone confirm if there is in fact room to run a 17 tooth up front? It seems like the better choice compared to reducing the rear by three teeth. Bigger sprocket up front is easier on the chain and reduces drivetrain losses, right?

Thanks in advance
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