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Rough and Lumpy

Originally Posted by England-Kev View Post
I may have spoken too soon! Arghhhhhhhhhh

The oil leak on the dizzy stand has now returned, I can only think now that something in that area is not level, flat or straight. but I will leave it for now. I am going to attempt loading up and going to a rally in a couple of weeks, 200 miles or so, and even if it makes it there and back, I am then going to pull the motor when I get back.

Even though right now the bike runs a whole lot better than it ever has, I have this inkling something is not right, it still feels rough and lumpy, and has a strange noise coming from the L/H side when accelerating. I am really not sure what the deal is with this bike.

If its any consolation, my Eldorado has been rough and lumpy for the last 35,000 miles. Even though I just had the heads completely redone (guides, exhaust valves, skimmed etc.). She is still rough and lumpy.

She only starts to smooth out above 3200 rpm and is smoothest above 4000. Because of the torque, it is easy to find oneself running these bikes like a Harley or old Brit single - way down in the revs and relying on the flywheel effect.

But its an Italian engine - meant to be thrashed, not lugged.

Try running her higher up the rev range and see if she's less lumpy.

Good luck

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