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Originally Posted by pvangel View Post
It was a great day of racing, saw Flug multiple times on the "other" side of the fence. Now that he is famous he won't talk to us normal folks,
my agent won't allow it.

man 2 saturdays in a row out in that sun I can't imagine how the riders feel but some of those little demons aren't even old enough to drink.

Chad Reed got lapped.

292 Adam Ciancurolo hauls ass he could be the future dominant rider.

Gary Bailey is working with Cooper Webb.

The poor girls, as soon as their last moto started the sky's opened up. What few spectators were left must have bailed. I stayed till 7. No traffic then!

Matt Hammer missed again, when kids that fast can't make the main you know it's competitive.

As you said, it's mind boggling. The whole event start to finish, it reallly is a well oiled machine. The Rockstar bikes were basically broken down into a pile of parts after the race. I'm sure they all do it. Those sand tires were cool. It will be hot next week at Red Bud.

Post race Dungey said he likes Swick for among other things close to the airport, I'm assuming Bradley. I saw RV and Aldon Baker getting into their rental Malibu and leaving, no doubt to an airport. The post race break down and exodus from the pits is a sight. How do some of these teams justify an army of support people and all the logistics for one/two riders? A friend was in europe last week and he said and they've got Monster energy all over the place, they must be one fat cash machine. Wow.

I took a few pics, I also was chatting with Simon Cudby in the press tent and saw some of his pics on his laptop. $6000 lens here I come.
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