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Just to clarify (4): There is not such thing as "international driver's license". There is only "international driver's permit" which is nothing more than a cheap translation/notarization to 10 languages of your existing country license.

IDP is nice to have, though. I usually get several copies. On trips I've taken outside of the USA, I _only_ show the IDP at police stops and checks and I'm almost never questioned or asked to see my actual driver's license. In developing countries, it is a good precaution. You never know when they give you trouble and don't want to give you back your real license.... With IDP, it doesn't matter because it's mostly a worthless piece of paper that usually works because it looks official.

Also, when you get the IDP make sure they check off that you have motorcycle endorsement. They usually forget because that's not something they think about.
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