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Originally Posted by Roland44 View Post
Nice mount! I was working on something similar today. Subscribed, good luck!
This is Tom, I am the one with the camera mount and will be going with Don on the trip. I bought the camera mount at a motorcycle show from Chubby Cups. Someday I will probably spring for a GoPro but in the mean time I thought I would give this a shot.

Where the mount attaches to the handle bar is great. It is nice and solid. But the platform where the camera itself mounted was flimsy plastic. The camera vibrated so bad I thought it was going to vibrate right off (ok, it is mounted on a Harley so go ahead and make a Harley joke).

My friend Joe, who is an excellent machinist, made me a new platform for the camera out of aluminum. Using the aluminum piece in place of the plastic one and putting on a zip tie for extra support has gotten the vibration way down. I have only tried it on short test ride. So I am anxious to see how it works on this trip.

I am holding the plastic piece which really ruined a good mounting system and you can see the aluminum piece Joe made me as a replacement (Thanks Joe )
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