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^ cool vid, Santa Clause can kick some ass!

I had a (kinda) stupid question last week. I was starting a week+ long DS trip, but the first 300 miles was all highway to meet with a friend in Boise. I went to a bike shop to grab a couple spares for the trip, but my KLR was waaay overloaded with extra luggage on the back for my buddy, a fresh front I was going to spoon on that afternoon before we headed out for the real trip, plus my large home made soft panniers that were loaded for 10 days of bike camping, with tent and pad strapped to the top of them. And the usual KLR tool tube and tank bag. A guy in the parking lot in a cage with wife and kids wanted to shoot the breeze while I was getting ready to head out. Talked about the KLR he used to have etc.

He asked, "Do you live off that bike?"

I kindly explained I was carrying a bunch of extra shit for my gear poor friends bike, was on my first day of a trip, and was mounting the tire that afternoon.

Considering my homeless looking beard, my ugly, beat to shit, faded to pink KLR, with about 75 lbs of extra shit tied on, I thought the question wasn't too stupid, but it made me chuckle.

Little did he know that if I had no family to support, I WOULD live off the bike
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