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Originally Posted by Mr Head View Post
I think they'd have a hard time paying anybody to ride one of those.
Wait, they are doing that to four or five guys now.
I think Ducati need to kick the engineers in the ass, lock the accountants in the trunk of a car and leave it somewhere on a backstreet in Italy. Then go find a couple of old school tuners and a software guy who knows what a motorcycle is supposed to do.

The gamers they seem to be using apparently think racing with a "protection mode" on would work, if not there is a reset button.

The motor they have seems to be a light switch, the tuners would be the guys to spread that grunt out a good bit. All that top speed and high horsepower doesn't do much good if it only works at the end of the straight.
This ain't drag racing. Hose things need to brake deep into corners and have grunt enough to power out. Flick side to side quick and as the tires go off and the fuel loads go down the bike needs to react predictably. The riders Ducati have had are good enough to be able to deal with small stuff.

That is what make the Honda and Yamaha good, and fast. Good riders and predictable machines.
Wow why didn't Ducati think if this? Just hire a few of the right guys and those guys will get it fixed and competitive in no time.

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