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Originally Posted by NHKTM990 View Post
New guy question: Is the kick stand issue on the Adv R more theory than application? It reminds me of the chatter about the neutral switch issue oin the DR650. Yres if the neutral switch bolt (1/4 20) comes loose it can grenade your engine but it is rare. The mod is mostly peace of mind. Is that the case with the sidestand upfit?
Black Dog cycle works ad talks about it being an issue on both a side strike or "the weight of the rider resting on the sidestand". I would be surprised if another static 200+ pounds could crack an engine case, but not shocked if a ballistic hit like a crash could. Whats the real story Team Orange?
If you ride stuff like this:

Just do the relocation. Save yourself $3000 for cases and more $$$ on labor and downtime of a broken moto. If you 50/50 it and don't ride anything with rocks then take your chances. Fwiw, from an engineering stand-point, I would do it regardless. It's cheap insurance man... If it does ever happen you'd be ruing not relocating. I took about 5 hard hits directly to the sidestand spot today. I've relocated though so I didn't even think about it, ;)
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